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From locating witnesses to completing interviews to extensive research and surveillance, First Choice provides you with the professionalism you demand, the responsiveness you require, and the quality of results-driven work you seek.

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Comprehensive Investigations

Investigation is critical to legal cases, business matters, and family concerns. It requires a skilled, professional team to obtain the evidence you need. Our work with defense attorneys provides the answers necessary to effectively lead each case.

At First Choice, we are experienced in handling sensitive issues, and we work diligently to serve our clients. Our discretion and loyalty keep confidential situations private. Our attention to detail and quality of work bring our clients back to us again and again.

Investigation advantages: personal injury, auto accident cases, premises liability, corporate investigation, medical malpractice, missing persons, homeowners’ cases, wrongful death, worker’s compensation, and mergers and acquisitions.

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Social Media Searches

People often share more than they should on social media and other online sources not realizing how visible they are. We apply our resources and expertise to efficiently collect and gather the social media discovery you need. Insurance defense attorneys and insurance companies benefit from our research and the evidence we assemble from social media and online investigations. 

Background Checks

Our comprehensive searches provide the level of data you need for background checks. Looking beyond local records gives well-rounded information, so our searches are nationally based for a thorough report that can include fact checking.
Background checks include Social Security number confirmation, past and present residential addresses, possible phones and email addresses, criminal records, civil cases, current arrest warrants, Global Watch List, driver’s license info and driving records, vehicle ownership, property ownership, past employment, education verification, professional licenses, relatives, professional affiliations and licenses, voter registrations, utilities, permits, and judgments, liens and bankruptcies.

Locating People & Surveillance

Surveillance requires an experienced, professional team with advanced techniques and technology to capture the answers you need. Our high-level surveillance equipment and skilled, fully licensed and insured team acquire the truth so you have the facts. Whether it’s a business matter, family situation, or insurance-driven, our ethical approach provides you with the answers you need.

Information is critical. From sophisticated zoom lenses to infra-red technology, we obtain the level of detail you require. Surveillance gives you documentation through video and photographic evidence for many situations: insurance cases, personal injury claims, infidelity concerns, breaches of contract, child support investigations, business surveillance, insurance fraud, medical malpractice, worker’s compensation, domestic issues, locating witnesses, and family law matters.

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The First Choice team has developed an excellent reputation with insurance defense attorneys and insurance carriers. In addition to our thorough investigations on complicated and high-profile cases, we utilize our findings to testify for you in court cases, at hearings, and in depositions. Our professionalism and succinct explanation of the evidence provides you with the credible account you need. 

About your first choice team

At First Choice Investigations and Consulting, Inc., our mission is to provide accurate, professional, and cost-effective investigations and consulting, capturing what’s needed with privacy and confidentiality.
Led by an investigator with decades of law enforcement experience, the First Choice team has investigators who are former law enforcement serving in homicide, sex crimes, narcotics, and vice.
Our investigative and consulting services are based on experience and credibility. We are dedicated professionals who use a variety of techniques and technologies to uncover facts that would otherwise go undetected. 

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